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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nearing the final release

I got disabling updates working for Firefox, though it is terrible hack since I couldn't find a policy to disable IE updates. A google search didn't help, and most of them pointed to third party tools to disable updating to IE7 from Windows Update. So I had to manually create a registry key to disable browser updates (ironically enough, I unconsciously put it in the Internet Explorer branch of the registry).

There are still so many things to do, most of it cosmetic. For example, the code is still a mess. I have my doubts about fixing it entirely, but I can certainly comment.

So here is what is left to do, at minimum, where I stand :
  1. Document on the wiki how to implement a new policy
  2. Use javascript components whenever possible
And then I can finally say that I am done, and anything else is just frosting :)

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